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I've had to wear eyeglasses since I was in pre-school so finding the right eye doctor when I moved away from home was crucial. My first eye exam with Dr. Rafael was a little over six months ago and couldn't have been a better experience. Dr. Rafael taught me things about keeping my eyes and contact lenses healthy that I had never heard from any other eye doctor in the past - very impressive! Her staff is friendly and very helpful in explaining their procedures, costs and insurance policies. Eye insurance is something new to me so the help provided in navigating this areas was extremely helpful. NOW, that 5th and final start is for how Chicago Eyes treated my visit to repair my eyeglass lenses TODAY. Turns out my cat decided to bite tiny holes in my lenses while I was asleep and, you know, not feeding him. Upon returning from the lab to confirm their condition, Chicago Eyes offered me the option to purchase insurance on the pair of eyeglasses that I had already purchased over six months ago. As a college student who desperately needs to save every penny she can, this was incredibly helpful and a greatly appreciated gesture. Thanks to Chicago Eyes, I will have my lenses repaired in less than a week, and it won't cost me an arm and a leg - a million "thank yous" to Dr. Rafael and to her team. Chicago Eyes is easily accessible by car or by taking the 22-Clark bus to Granville Avenue.
Ashley C    -    November 2014

This is a great office, with a friendly professional staff. I appreciate Dr. Sandra's attentiveness and ease in communicating with her. I would definitely recommend this neighborhood optometrist. They have a nice selection of frames, and great pricing! Thanks everyone!
Bonny J    -    November 2014

This place was not my first choice when looking at the yelp reviews, but since it was in my area I figured why not. The staff was AMAZING!!! I didn't have an appointment and they made free time because I have a busy schedule. They did everything they could to give me the best experience and it was great!! They went as far as showing me photos of my eye and explaining what each part is and does, it was kind of fascinating.They were honest about frames and how they looked and I walked out of there with glasses that I love!! I would recommend this place to everybody!!
Bryant M    -    November 2014

I went to Chicago Eyes to get an exam and a pair of glasses. The gentleman Johnny that greeted me was very professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable of today's eye wear fashion. The exam was what I would expect; efficient, a very kind doctor, and within the time frame that I was told I'd be there. I got a pair of Armani's and Ray Ban's upon leaving and was very happy with my time there. What have me give them five stars was when my Ray Ban's broke. This occurred about two months later. I simply called, told them the lens cracked, and without question they asked me to mail them to their office or bring them in. I did, and less than 14 days later, I had a new pair of sunglasses, no questions asked. This really impressed me as I thought I would have been grilled on why they cracked, warranty issues or a number of things. This simply was not the case. I would be more than happy to recommend Chicago eyes to any person seeking a customer service first optometry experience.
George B    -    November 2014

This staff has bent over backward to make sure I am happy with my eyecare! It's been a year and a half, and since the only insurance I do have is vision, I'm gonna use it! This time, I decided I wanted contacts. I have only had glasses for a year and a half, and I want to have the option of not having to wear my glasses all the time. So I would be a first time contact wearer! Let me tell you, they spent so much time making sure I knew what I was doing. Once the contacts came in Tony , Johnny, and the Dr. worked with me for 2 hours to make sure I knew what I was doing. Well, I apparently have this aversion to shoving things in my eye, so even though I eventually got them in, I couldn't get them out! They took them out for me, and sent me home without them and had me come back a few days later. The 2nd time was a snap, and they sent me on my way with a bunch of freebie stuff. My follow up was awesome. I was having some issues adjusting (i have astigmatism, so my eyes are harder to deal with) and they tried a different lens, and and some other stuff, and wa la, no more discomfort!! The yearly lens solution package was only $35 bucks, and I get the drops, solution, and a new case whenever I want! The lenses were pricey, but again, the astigmatism makes a difference. Their prices are pretty comparable to what I've seen on the internet, as 6 months ran me $230 after my insurance picked up their part($120) and the $50 rebate. They were great last time, but this time was better! My husband will be seeing them soon!
Heather B    -    November 2014

Dr. R and her staff were absolutely amazing with me! They took the time to ensure that I was not just able to put my contacts in, but that I was comfortable doing it. This was because I recently lost my arm. I am so very appreciative for all they have helped me with!
Jay S    -    November 2014

I've gone to Chicago Eyes for about 3 years now. I have had nothing but great experiences and absolutely love the staff, as well as the frame selection. The doctor is intelligent, competent, and really nice. I drive about 35 minutes to come to Chicago Eyes, even though I live right by 2 different opticals, because I have received phenomenal service and am always recognized and remembered at Chicago Eyes. Being a private practice, rather than a chain, they really value their patients and I would strongly suggest the place!
Jessica A    -    November 2014

Hi All, My experience at Chicago Eyes was excellent. Dr. Rafael is very knowledgeable. She was very thorough with the exam and answered all my questions. She is super friendly, works very hard to keep staff and facility top notch. She treats every client with great respect and care. Her facility is clean and inviting. Her staff was very professional. They helped me pick out a pair of glasses suited for my style and look. The frame they suggested looked and fitted best for me. My frame was well constructed and very stylish. I am very happy with my new glasses. Thanks to Dr. Rafael and her staff members. I am looking forward to getting contacts from them soon.
Jimmy L    -    November 2014

I am surprised there are not more reviews. I think that the Staff and Dr Sandra Rafael are all very welcoming & concerned with your overall experience. I am going on my second year getting my eye exam and three pairs of glasses. Their selection is very good and they have frames that work on smaller faces! I was able to walk right in the other day and get my glasses adjusted since I wore them a few days and realized they were just a touch snug. It was no trouble at all and they all remembered my name. I will continue to trust them with my eye care as long as I live in Chicago! The Dr was the first to address my issue with tracking problems with my one eye and suggested a speed reading course to strengthen the muscles. I am very happy with my glasses! ;)
Joyce    -    November 2014

Dr. Rafael is the most knowledgeable optometrist I have ever had the pleasure of being seen by. She spends a ton of time with you explaining every aspect of your eyes, and is very knowledgeable about how your diet can affect your overall optical health. They are very accommodating, will see you the same day you call for an appointment. Just an all around wonderful place and very affordable if you have insurance. I just cannot say enough nice things about how fantastic Dr. Rafael is.
Laura M    -    November 2014

I, too, had a very positive experience from the initial phone call to a follow-up on my part after picking up my new glasses and contact lenses. The staff is professional, friendly and attentive; it seemed very important to them that I be happy. They were also experienced/familiar with handling insurance and flex spend accounts, and handled all of the paperwork. I am happy with my improved vision, and to be able to support a private practice in the neighborhood.
Lorinda G    -    November 2014

I really like this place. I'm new to Chicago so I was taking a bit of a risk going to a new place but I was so happily surprised. The staff is helpful and sweet and Dr. Rafael is really qualified. I liked that she took a much more holistic view of my sight and recent changes, and gave me pointers about thing I can even do in my diet to help eye health. They gave me a lot of info and a lot of options and made me feel very comfortable
Rebeca L    -    November 2014

Chicago Eyes is just a couple blocks from where I live in Rogers Park. I'd had some bad experiences with other places that frequently got my prescription wrong. I found Chicago Eyes about 6 or 7 years ago and I've never gone anywhere else since. The staff has been super friendly; the eye doctor knows what she's doing...and Chicago Eyes has a great selection of glasses. 5 stars. -RHK
Russell K    -    November 2014

Dr. Sandra Rafael does an excellent eye exam explaining with great detail what the patient needs. I recommend her beacuse she really knows what she is doing and by her being spanish speaking she could really be of great help to the latino patient. I will continue to visit Chicago Eyes and I hope you will too.
Roberto L    -    September 2014

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